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In 2011, no other pro-life effort gathered as much attention and as much energy as Mississippi’s Personhood Amendment.  It was not easy for the thousands of Mississippian’s who poured their energy into the amendment to get back up after being defeated by a disinformation campaign paid for by Planned Parenthood and carried willingly by the media.  But the fact is that the child in the womb needs us today as much as she did in 2011, and that is why we at Personhood Mississippi continue to fight and are getting ready for the next big fight.  Help us reclaim Mississippi for life and for the greater glory of God. Join us today! Help us reclaim Mississippi for life and for the greater glory of God.


The Personhood Alliance is a confederation of independent pro-life organizations who pursue personhood as the essential strategy for restoring legal protections to every human being, from biological beginning to natural death, without exception, and who endeavor to uphold the Biblical worldview in 21st-century politics and culture by honoring God’s design for life, marriage, family, sexuality, and gender.

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"Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological seminary, mentioned on his podcast a California bill recently signed into law that REQUIRES that ABORTION PILLS be available on every public university campus."

That podcast can be found here (listen to the first 10 minutes):


What can we learn from this?

1.) Lets be thankful for our city that is taking steps to make abortion illegal, and hoping to effect other cities in Mississippi, eventually ending abortion in our state (while other cities are trying to make abortion as easy as possible). Praise the Lord! And Press on!

2.) Lets be aware that keeping children safe in our city is not only about banning any abortion 'clinics' from doing surgical abortions; There is more than one way to kill a baby-- Give some thought to Medical abortions through abortion pills as well.

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Here Safe City Pearl is mentioned on American Family Radio, a nationally syndicated Radio Network!


"Airing the Addisons" is a radio program that is a part of the nationally syndicated American Family Radio Network. In this segment, they interview Ryan Sullivan and Les Riley about Safe City Pearl.

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